Focused Work March Update

publishedabout 1 year ago
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Hey hey! 👋

We’re almost at the end of March and I realised I hadn’t shared a February update for Focused Work… I was knee-deep into some big improvements, and looking back I feel like I should’ve shared a work-in-progress update. So next time I shall do that! 🙂

Focused Work 1.4 hit the App Store last week, exactly one year since I first began working on the app, and there’s a long list of new features & improvements.

Before I get stuck into them I wanted to quickly share that I caved and created a Discord server for Focused Work which you are more than welcome to join!

Since launching six months ago more than 150 people have reached out to me through Twitter, Email, and iMessage, and I’ve had so many awesome chats along the way. I figured a Discord server would be a great way to keep in touch with everybody, share updates on the app, and more importantly, can be a place that people find a study/accountability buddy if they’re finding it hard to focus and structure their time.

Feel free to come say hey and intro yourself! 🙋🏻‍♂️

Things have come full circle since the idea of the Focused Work app came from a Discord Pomodoro bot, and now the app has its own dedicated server.

Update Highlights

📝 Stage Notes

Add quick notes to each stage, displayed mid-session

👀 Session Progress screen

Quickly observe session progression, with actions to Start, Change, Complete your Focus Session, or Skip the current stage

🟠🟢🔵 Toggl Presets

Assign Projects & Tags to Focus Sessions and create common presets that link to multiple sessions, with a revamped Toggl integration

▶️ Sidebar support

Quickly start your favourite Focus Session on iPadOS and macOS

⌨️ Keyboard Shortcuts

Tap the spacebar to kick off your focus sessions, and navigate them entirely by keyboard

🖱 Trackpad & Cursor support

The cursor will highlight and morph into clickable elements across the app with a connected Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad

🔍 Dynamic Type accessibility support

Text will dynamically resize across the app, according to the chosen system font size

What’s coming next?

Now that most feedback has been included I can focus my attention on releasing a macOS app, which has been my #1 request. This will hopefully land in the 1.5 update.

I’ve been using the app mostly on my M1 Macbook Air the last couple months (as an iPad app), and the iPadOS improvements have made it even more enjoyable to use - especially with keyboard shortcuts.

I still need to make more adjustments but here’s a quick screenshot of the current build 🙂

I’ll also be releasing 1.4.1 over the next week or so with a few tweaks and a new (highly requested) feature; Productivity Export. You can export your entire completed Focus Session history in CSV format and freely analyse your data however you’d like.

If you manage to create some cool-looking dashboards please reach out, I’d love to see which data points you end up considering most important to track!

1.4.1 will also begin recording breadcrumbs such as when sessions were started, completed, and other events including how often stages were paused, skipped, or restarted. These will also be included in the Productivity Export, so you’ll have even more data points to work with.

Thank you so much for the support and for keeping in the loop with Focused Work! ❤️

PS: Come say hi on Discord!

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